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Purpose of this site

This site is intended for embryologists, biologists and technicians involved in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in human. Its aims are:

  • to promote the use of the Internet for Quality Control purposes,
  • to allow users to grade gametes and embryos online,
  • to provide the users with various ways of comparing their answers to those of the other participants,
  • to allow for a progressive consensus to be reached and secondarily to increase the users’ confidence in their own judgments.

EQConline was created in January 2012 for this purpose.

The content of this site is subjected to change. EQConline is striving to provide the best and most accurate information. Any feedback and propositions for improvements are most welcome.

In order to cover the administrative and development costs of the site, a fee will be charged from individual users and organizations who participate in the various schemes proposed. For more details, please contact us.