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Latest news about EQConline

EQConline has taken another step forward with several new additions.

General aspects

  • The site and the test section are multilingual: english, french, german, portuguese, spanish and italian. Other languages can be introduced on demand. If you notice inappropriate translations, please let us know.

  • EQConline has been divided in two main sections:

    • reproductive biology (online) • andrology (available in 2015).

Tests section

  • Answers are saved automatically.

  • The number of unanswered questions appears in a red circle

  • Various helps are provided through popovers and videos.

Results section

  • Comparisons with all users, within a team, with experts and previous tests,

  • Comparison with morphometric analysis (2015)

  • Previous tests are still available and can be re-

analysed online



Certificate of participation

  • Results are summarized in two A4 pages, with a global appreciation of the user performance and the detection of possible weak spots.

  • In the result summary links allow the user to get back easily to a corresponding image.

The collaboration with HiMaker and Defcon has been continued.

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