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A new version has been developed.

Here is a brief description of some new aspects.

Tests section

  • The TAB is RED when the picture has not been graded, GREEN when grading is complete, YELLOW when grading is incomplete

  • Once a picture has been graded, an arrow allows save and goes to the next picture. The pictures are slightly bigger. The online introduction has been switched from a list to radio buttons, which makes the use of an iPad easier.

  • The HELP button opens a pop-over, with some information on the grading parameters. The screen is thus less crowded. Help opens a link with the corresponding post of the website.

Results section

  • The degree of agreement between the user’s choice and that of all other participants is expressed in % with the following color codes: GREEN : agreement is > 60%, GREY : agreement lies between 40% and 60%, RED : agreement is < 40%

  • The results are summarized in two A4 pages, with a global appreciation. The various tests (sperm, oocyte, zygote, embryo, and blastocyst) are grouped, allowing a global appreciation of the user performance and the detection of possible weak spots.

  • In the result summary links allow the user to get back easily to a specific image.



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