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Initially designed for Swiss clinical embryologists (SWICE), EQConline is an online tool for external quality control of IVF laboratories. It was up to now limited to schemes for gametes and embryos. New modules for andrology have been added for concentration, mobility, morphology, vitality, and DNA fragmentation.

The Embryology and Andrology modules are separated for reasons of users’ interests and can be accessed independently. Designed in a user-friendly way, EQConline allows verifying the level of agreement between:

  • each individual user versus all participants
  • different laboratories
  • various countries. 

Analysis and reporting of the results are conceived to comply with the requirements of ISO standards, 17025 and 15189, and they allow for example:

  • the assessment of competence and performance
  • the implementation of annual management reports
  • the argumentation for continuous improvement strategies

If you want to subscribe to the new EQConline modules, please use the Contact form and we will get back to you.